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Over 50 Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) in Nigeria collectively offer more than 155 health plans. With such a vast array of options, how can an average Nigerian choose a health plan that not only suits their budget but also meets their specific needs?

Health insurance uptake in Nigeria has been dismally low since its inception, with less than 5% of Nigerians covered by health insurance. The slow adoption rate can be attributed to factors such as affordability, difficulty in decision-making, and information overload arising from the numerous health plan options provided by around 50 HMOs.

Information Overload: The sheer number of HMOs and health plans in Nigeria can be overwhelming, with over 155 insurance and 30 different health payment plans to choose from.

Decision Making: For those with access to health insurance, selecting the most appropriate plan can be a challenging decision-making process.

This recommendation engine aims to simplify this process by helping users easily find an appropriate and suitable health plan tailored to their specific needs and finances. By incorporating user experience and ratings into the system, we ensure that the recommendations provided are refined based on the experiences of other users.

We have decided to make this project open-source to encourage further development, improvement, and accessibility to the general public at no cost. We hope that developers will integrate this recommendation engine into their platforms, products, and systems to support and enhance decision-making for health insurance in Nigeria.

Here is a link to the repo: Link

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