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Welcome to this week’s edition of AI-Safari, your comprehensive guide to the major developments in Africa’s AI landscape. Let’s explore!




  1. Google Introduces Gemini AI-Powered Tool for Search Ads in Africa

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      2. 75% of Nigerians are willing to share sensitive data with GenAI

The adoption of GenAI offers tremendous opportunities for African users and organizations but we also need to consider the associated risks

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       3. Fast Forward Backs Autogon to Advance No-Code AI Solutions Delivered in Minutes.

           Autogon AI, a no-code AI orchestration platform, today announced it has received backing from Fast Forward Venture Studio. Autogon’s model allows any business – regardless of size – to conveniently harness the power of AI.

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New Products Launched:


  1. Gebeya Inc., the leading Talent Cloud technology company, has joined with Microsoft to launch the Microsoft Talent Cloud powered by Gebeya.

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       2. South African AI-driven customer service platform Cue secures $2 million in seed funding.

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        3. Health experts launch Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered partnership to boost Kenyan health system.

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         4. MTN Nigeria Unveils Africa’s First AI Powered Chatbot

 In partnership with Microsoft and Chatbot service delivery provider, Superbo, the MTN Zigi Chatbot, powered by (mirroring) ChatGPT version 3.5, is currently operational and actively serving customers.

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People Making Waves in Africa’s AI Ecosystem 


▫️Meet Abdul-Hakeem Omotayo and Mahmud Adeleye, are making significant contributions to the tech world as the founders of Interactif AI.

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▫️ Micheal Moyo and Louis Murerwa are the Africans behind Ocular AI: The startup making history at Y Combinator.

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Excitements in the AI Ecosystem 


  • AI Expo Africa 2024

AI Expo Africa 2024 is the largest artificial intelligence (AI), Intelligent Automation (IA) and smart tech trade event and conference in Africa. With a community of 50,000 + business practitioners, the seventh edition of AI Expo Africa will run 30-31st Oct 2024 in Johannesburg, South Africa, 

Register here:


We hope you find these updates insightful. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Africa’s AI frontier!


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