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1. Vodafone and Microsoft Partnership:

A 10-year collaboration between Vodafone and Microsoft aims to boost AI services and digital innovation across Africa and Europe. Vodafone commits $1.5 billion to develop generative AI services, enhance customer experiences, and accelerate cloud adoption.

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2. Omdena’s AI Powered App for Malaria Prevention in Africa:

Omdena, a collaborative platform that dedicates itself to uniting organizations, companies, and civil societies as well as governments to solve real-world problems with AI-powered solutions.

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3. Rwanda to Host Inaugural AI Summit in 2024 as it Leads the AI Agenda in Africa:

Under the theme, ‘AI and Africa’s Demographic Dividend: Reimagining Economic Opportunities for Africa’s Workforce,’ the summit aims to align African countries on common risks, barriers, and opportunities and devise a unified strategy for AI in Africa. It will convene government and business leaders as well as experts from academia and civil society.

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New Products Launched:

  • Africarare Unveils $UBUNTU Token, Ushering in a New Era for Africa’s Digital Economy

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Excitements in the AI Ecosystem 

  • GE Healthcare unveiled 19 AI-based healthcare innovations at Arab Health 2024, focusing on enhancing healthcare in the Middle East, Northeast Africa, and Turkey. These include cutting-edge imaging, ultrasound, and patient care solutions like Omni Legend™, Signa Champion™, Portrait VSM, and Vscan Air™, aimed at improving clinical decisions and patient care.

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  • The Independent Online article explores 2024’s top tech trends, particularly the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM) in news media, healthcare, and cybersecurity. It details AI advancements in language understanding and ethical AI, and the rise of NewsGPT in news media innovation.

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  • TechTrends discusses AI’s transformative potential in Africa’s healthcare, education, financial inclusion, and agriculture sectors. It highlights AI’s utility in healthcare administration, educational content creation, enhancing financial service access, and increasing agricultural efficiency.

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  • CIO Africa’s article presents AI predictions for 2024 from SAS experts. It covers trends in generative AI, job creation, responsible marketing, fraud prevention, shadow AI challenges, multimodal AI, simulation, digital-twin technology, public health, and ethical AI deployment. Insights from experts highlight how these developments could impact various sectors and the AI landscape.

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We hope you find these updates insightful. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Africa’s AI frontier!

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