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AI-Safari Bi-Weekly Report 4

Welcome to this week’s edition of AI-Safari, your comprehensive guide to the major developments in Africa’s AI landscape. Let’s explore!   AI NEWS:   Google Introduces Gemini AI-Powered Tool for Search Ads in Africa Read More:               2. 75% of Nigerians are willing to share sensitive data with […]

AISafari Bi-Weekly Roundup-2

Welcome to this week’s edition of AI-Safari, your one-stop source for all the major happenings in Africa’s AI landscape.  Let’s dive in!   AI NEWS:   1. Vodafone and Microsoft Partnership: A 10-year collaboration between Vodafone and Microsoft aims to boost AI services and digital innovation across Africa and Europe. Vodafone commits $1.5 billion to […]

AI Weekly Roundup 1 (2024)

Welcome to this week’s edition of AI-Safari, your one-stop source for all the major happenings in Africa’s AI landscape. Let’s dive in! AI News: Vodafone and Microsoft’s $1.5 Billion Investment: The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing in Africa has been bolstered by a $1.5 billion investment deal between Vodafone and Microsoft. Over […]

Nurturing Homegrown Innovation: The Quest for African-Produced AI Products

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a defining force, revolutionizing industries and reshaping the way we interact with the world. As AI continues to proliferate, it’s essential to ensure that its benefits are accessible to all corners of the globe. However, there remains a significant challenge when it comes to […]

A Recommender System to support Health Insurance Selection in Nigeria

Over 50 Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) in Nigeria collectively offer more than 155 health plans. With such a vast array of options, how can an average Nigerian choose a health plan that not only suits their budget but also meets their specific needs? Health insurance uptake in Nigeria has been dismally low since its inception, […]

LLMs in Healthcare

Author: Ayomide Owoyemi The biggest rave right now in the tech world is artificial intelligence, and within the space of artificial intelligence, Language Models (LMs) – especially the large ones – are the most interesting tools. Whether we have or will achieve AGI or not is a different question, but right now, LMs are revolutionizing […]

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