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Kromium Health

Healthcare Connected, Simplified.

Kromium Health addresses the pressing challenges stemming from bottlenecks in accessing healthcare professionals. The hurdles include a scarcity of health personnel due to emigration, resulting in an unfavorable patient-to-doctor ratio of 1:6000. Additionally, limited health insurance coverage amplifies out-of-pocket expenses, while traffic congestion compounds the difficulty of attending clinic appointments.

Kromium Health, acts as a bridge between patients and healthcare providers across Africa, starting with Nigeria. Through the power of conversational AI health bots, we’re transforming the way healthcare is accessed and experienced.

Patients can now address their health concerns conveniently from the comfort of their homes. With Kromium Health’s conversational AI, they can simulate their health issues, schedule appointments, and even arrange for pharmacy pickups with prescriptions right in their vicinity. This not only saves time and effort but also facilitates smoother communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

Kromium Health is on a mission to alleviate the strain caused by limited access to healthcare services. By leveraging technology, we are enabling patients to take control of their health journey while making healthcare interactions more efficient and effective. Our commitment lies in creating a healthier and more accessible future for individuals across Africa.

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