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The Jurist Chatbot

AI chat-bot as a comprehensive legal guide

“The Jurist” is an innovative AI chat-bot that serves as a comprehensive legal guide, equipped with the Nigerian 1999 constitution and the Criminal Code Act of Nigeria. This groundbreaking platform aims to bridge the gap between citizens and their legal rights, providing immediate assistance and guidance in legal matters.

Problem Solving:
This project addresses the prevailing issue of inadequate access to legal information among Nigerians. Many citizens lack a clear understanding of their rights and obligations as members of the country, often leading to uninformed responses when confronted with legal situations or interactions with law enforcement agencies. Moreover, the burden of memorising numerous legal sections and references burdens law students and practitioners.

Functionality and Solutions:
“The Jurist” tackles these challenges by offering a user-friendly platform where individuals can describe their unique situations and receive instant, accurate advice tailored to their circumstances. It not only clarifies the ideal course of action in a given situation but also informs users about their legal entitlements.

For law students and practitioners, “The Jurist” acts as a quick-reference tool. No longer burdened with memorisation, they can swiftly locate any part, section, or chapter of the law they require, enhancing their efficiency and accuracy.

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